November 12-17, 2019,
Zagreb, Croatia

One of the biggest games shows in the world!

November 12-17, 2019,
Zagreb, Croatia


Check the list of exhibitors for the Reboot Infogamer 2018 (list of exhibitors will be regularly updated)


The second largest telecom operator in Croatia with more than 2 million customers and with the most advanced mobile and fixed network. A1 offers the highest speed in the mobile segment that reaches 300 Mbit/s in the 4G+/ LTE network, while in the fixed segment A1 has the widest optical network reaching more than 440 thousand households.

A1 Adria League

Leading regional esport league launched in cooperation between A1 and the leading global esport organization ESL. Since July, players from seven countries in the region have been struggling for the grand finale of the first edition of A1 Adria League, which will be held at the Reboot infoGamer fair.


AOC as an official Monitor Partner, this year at Reboot InfoGamer brings the latest AGON series of its top gaming monitors. In addition to the large AOC booth in the Hardware Hall, try AOC monitors on more than 100 playable units on various showrooms across the whole convention!


One of the world’s leading IT and gaming hardware brands, on their big expo booth, is coming to present new ROG series representatives


One of the oldest and well known Japanese video game development company and publisher. This year they will show us new upcoming titles with few exclusives – Hall1 can’t miss them. PS you can be cool but never cool as PAC-MAN ;)


Awesome 8-bit plastic jewelry and home decorations inspired by the geek and gaming culture.


The worldwide famous developer and the publisher of Diablo, Warcraft and StarCraft games will be presenting its newest additions to their megapopular universes of Overwatch and World of Warcraft.

Carta Magica

The biggest regional distributor of Wizards of the Coast, Konami, Nintendo CCG and board games is organizing huge international tournaments, along with a lot of other new stuff!


Croteam, the leading gaming studio in the region is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Join them at their booth at Hall 8a and step into the shoes of Sam “Serious” Stone once again, solve mind-blowing puzzles in The Talos Principle and get into the tormented mind of Sam’s ultimate enemy, Mental, in one of the Incubator games, Tormental.

Exordium Games

Founded in 2014, Exordium Games is an indie dev studio from Zagreb. This year they will present exclusively The Last Encounter.

Fiction Island

Fiction Island distribution is a new European distributor selling popular entertainment merchandise like Funko figures, Star Wars and Marvel apparel, Game of Thrones memorabilia or Kotobukiya collectors statues.


Known for their combat racing series Gas Guzzlers, this Croatian game development studio will be showcasing their newest megahit SCUM.

Hangar 7

Entertainment and publishing company Hangar 7 is the leading manufacturer, publisher and distributor of memorabilia and pop-culture products. As part of a specially designed sales area in Pavilion 9 we will exhibit games, T-shirts, clothing and footwear, figurines and collector sculptures, mange, books and comics, cups, pendants, notebooks, from popular serials and brands such as The Witcher, Overwatch, Funko POP, Marvel, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter and many others.

H18 Megastore

One of the leading specialised Croatian sellers of electronic equipment, specialising in gaming brands. Their programme at the show includes selling gadgets and gaming merchandise.


HGSPOT is one of the most well-known brands in Croatia when it comes to consumer electronics and IT equipment. Their programme at the show includes selling IT and gaming equipment.

HP Inc.

Meet a cutting-edge and powerful family of laptop and desktop computers designed for a new gaming generation – OMEN by HP. HP invites you to try the newest technology and immerse yourself in a stunning VR experience with Overwatch, FIFA 19 and many other novelties! You can also test your luck and win many attractive prizes we have prepared just for you or win the main prize – OMEN by HP laptop. See you at HP stand!


The Japanese publishing giant, together with their regional distributor, will be hitting the Reboot infoGamer 2018 show floor with the presentation of Pro Evolution Soccer 2019.


Crispy rescue just in time! Anytime, anywhere! Cheer up yourself, your loved ones, the youngest ones or unexpected guests. Kviki snacks taste fabulous and you can share and enjoy them anytime, anywhere.


LG Electronics is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of flat-screen TVs, mobile devices, air conditioners, washing machines and refrigerators, driven by the desire to create a better life for its users. A special place in the company’s portfolio includes a monitor segment that includes models designed for both professional and video game lovers, all characterized by the use of the latest technology and advanced features.


The world’s leading maker of computer hardware will be introducing the newest line of gaming hardware, Prodigy.

Mad Head Games

Mad Head Games is an award-winning, 100 people strong development studio from Serbia and the record-breaking hidden object adventure games developer. They are currently trying to break out with their first indie titles!


We have a gamer’s soul and powerful hardware on our minds. Since 2005, we have been producing topnotch computers: Hi-End Gaming, Business, Entry. You have special inquiry? We can get you a „custom made“ configuration. Find us at hall 9 and 11a. Btw,  „public gaming“ position and final battles of A1 Adria League are powered by MSGW PCs.


For the last 15 years we have been producing mice, keyboards, headsets, PC cases, power supplies, accessories, cables and drones. At all stages of the production cycle, we are specially committed  to the quality of our products, from ProGaming and Gaming down to devices that help make everyday life easier.


As a world leading gaming brand, MSI is the most trusted name in gaming and eSports. All gamers will enjoy breathtaking gaming experiences and be armed with dominant weapons that pave their way to victory.


The grand daddy of home console gaming, worldly beloved game company and respected publisher, this year will premiered in cooperation with local distributor Eurocomm Media d.o.o., and present their latest mega-hit title Super Mario Odyssey that will be playable on Switch consoles.


„PISMO” – business incubator for gaming industry


Rampage is a top brand established in 2014 for professional gamers. It offers high quality products at affordable prices and does not lag behind the latest innovations in the market. The palette of gameing equipment is very varied, so in the Rampage offer you can find everything, from mousepad to professional and ergonomic chairs.

Games Revolted

Ambitious Croatian game development studio will be premiering it’s amazing new trailer and beta of their dark fantasty TCG Phageborn.

Reboot magazine

The biggest games media brand in SE Europe and the organizers of Reboot InfoGamer consumer games show and the huge international Reboot Develop games industry conference series.


This year the RetroInfo Association in the cooperation with the Museum of Informatics “PEEK & POKE” is organizing RetroGamer as part of the InfoGamer Fair at Zagreb Velesajam. In the pavilion 7a you will be able to see and play a bunch of retro games on old PCs, game consoles and arcades, and and attend an exhibition of the history of electronic gaming.


Redragon is a high-value brand for gaming peripheral and dedicates to provide high-performance gaming products to global customers. It has a wide range of equipment from mechanical keyboards, mice to gaming chairs. Redragon is the recipient of Amazon awards such as Amazon’s Choice and Amazon Best Seller.

RUR eSports

Celebrating 20 years of eSports in the region RUR will be present yet again as this years Reboot Infogamer through eSports arena filled with interesting tournament finals – Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, Overwatch, Dota 2… just to name a few. When there are no tournaments, f2p zone will accomodate all that would love to play any of these games or Fortnite, Pubg, Counter Strike etc.

Sancta Domenica

The most significant distributor of video games and gaming equipment in the region and a representative for Sony PlayStation, Electronic Arts, Activision, Blizzard, Square Enix, Ubisoft, Take-Two Interactive, Bethesda, Capcom and Tecmo Koei for the Republic of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. As part of their booth this biggest regional videogame distributor will be selling a wide variety of video games and gaming merchandise.


SBOX company was founded in 2007. with headquarter in Hong Kong. We produce high quality products from a range of IT and Audio-Video accessories.


We all know them by theirs most successful franchise Final Fantasy, alone selling over 130 million copies. Square Enix Ltd. also has a global network of leading development studios such as Crystal Dynamics® and Eidos Montréal. @Hall1 there will be presented latest titles. Join us and meet Lara, Rico, Sora and friends from Disney-Pixar.

Sony PlayStation

Presentation and hands-on of a wide variety of exclusive PS4 titles coming up in Fall of 2018.

Thorium Studios

Thorium Studios is an indie dev studio from Novi Sad that consists out of 25 creative souls. During their 5 year existence they have worked on numerous projects and for various platforms, and this time on InfoGamer they will present their first 3d point and click adventure game „Within Whispers – The Fall“.


Presentation and hands-on of Assasin’s Creed: Oddysey, Just Dance 2019, R6: Siege and much more.


We are the only Croatian manufacturer of LED TVs and the only ones producing 4K UHD and Smart TV devices. Among the first in the world, we have produced TVs on Android 7.0. The whole process, from TV screens assembling  to testing, is done at our production facility near Zagreb. We also produce smartphones, tablets, audio devices, home appliances and air conditioners.

White Shark

White Shark is a new gaming brand founded in 2015 with the main goal to offer its customers quality gaming equipment at an extremely affordable price.
This year, it will introduce new products and upgraded versions of existing peripherals that show the continuous progress of this company.

It will also introduce a sub-brand – eShark, designed for professional esports gamers.

Xbox One X

The premier regional showcase of the world’s most powerful gaming console – Xbox One X. At the this year’s Reboot InfoGamer you will get a chance to take the round on one of ten Xbox One X consoles, at the special expo space.


Join the new era of e-mobility with Xplorer electric bikes and scooters and jump into the new dimension of fun with excellent AR consoles and VR headset. Visit Xplorer, try it all out and win awesome prizes.


The world’s foremost historical naval action MMO is sailing to Reboot InfoGamer to submerge you in some exciting new content! Visit us at our booth to play some rounds of World of Warships and try out the newest addition to our game – submarines. While you’re there, be sure to claim some awesome goodies!


GD ENTERTAINMENT is a Croatian game development company founded in 2018. Our every member is driven by passion for videogames. We wish to create new products and to express our creativity through everybody’s favorite entertainment – video games.


Primordials is a tug-of-war 1v1 online battle arena where you rule kingdoms & build up armies to war for ever greater power. Balance resources, choose upgrade paths for buildings, champions & minions to gain advantages on the battlefield


eShark is a gaming brand and breakthrough in esports created under White Shark 2019.
It specializes in the gaming peripherals of professional esports players and those who want to become one.
For the first time, they will be publicly displaying high quality gaming equipment on InfoGamer